Starter Arduino and Logo Sensors/Motors

Hi All
First time posting on the forums, and just got my first board. Now i am sure this has been asked countless time before, but having issues digging up the information

I have lots of lego at home and have the Mindstorm sets (first one and NXT). I have a whole lot of motors that will work with the first set.

Instead of buying a whole new set of motors/sensors i thought it would be worth getting these to work for me. I was wondering if anyone has some simple, easy to understand insructions on how i can go about getting them to work?

I have the Arduino and also got the Electronic Brick Starter kit. I recently bought a Motor Shield L298N as i thought that would help.

Would appreciate any wiring, instruction and guidance on where to go.

Thanks a lot

Hi Stephen,

I have used the Mindstorms motors with H-bridge like your L298… They are run from 9V in the original RCX h-bridges. You can run them from 9V and also use that to run the Arduino through the external power jack. 6 AA rechargeables might be good.

Someone has a complete analysis of the Mindstorms motors on the web;

The NXT motors, I believe are run by signals from the controller… I2C?? Anyone?? More info here:

Let us know how you are doing with this…

Thanks for that link Terry, it shows me a bit about the Motors i have. I got the 43362 and the NXT and also some of the older 2838 ones at home so quite a collection :)

I think i have the 43362 motor's sussed on that shield, but that was just trial and error as the documentation for what the "switches" on it does are a little sparse. (would i say be able to run a few 12V motor's through that board with an external 12v power supply"?)

With the NXT I read they have an angle sensor which i assume means it can be a lot more accurate movements, i assume that it will then have an input (power) and output (sensor value)?

The next thing is some of the sensors i have for the lego would be good to use as there is temperature, distance and LED which are always fun...