Starter kit Code

Is it planned to have a section to download the code that is used in the book that comes with the Starter kit, in the same way as other starter kits have downloadable code. As I have found it helpful when trouble shooting code that I have "copied" from a other starter kit book (The SPAR starter kit).

PS The starter kit is an excellent, well packaged product, I especially like the layout of the book and that it continues the theme of learning basic electronics at the same time of learning to programme the Arduino.

You can check the Arduino source code at,

I'm pretty sure that this code hasn't actually been checked. I've only tried 04 Color Mixing Lamp, but variables have their case wrong meaning it won't compile. This is both on GitHub and in the 1.0.2 Examples built into the development environment. example: greenLEDPin / greenLedPin.

This was easy enough for me to figure out, but would cause a real headache to the beginners that this kit was designed for.

The kit is excellent otherwise.

Thanks a lot for the report.
It'll be fixed in the next release of the IDE.