Starter Kit Components. Switches maybe other items.

My mistake. It seems the switch connects with all legs going live when pressed, not side by side individual switches.

Other comments remain



I was wondering if it was me or or just inexperience ?

But the momentary switches on my starter kit (Purchased Dec 2020) seem to be 90 degs different to the diagrams and DO NOT fit over the centre bar as shown in the project diagrams. so wiring is a bit of a headache.

I have seen other problems reported on "wobbly pots" and being to big to fit as described in the diagram.

It seems that the colouring coding of the resistors in the project book are shown back to front.

I expected more from a quality starter kit and now beginning to worry that, if I follow the project instructions, I may end up frying my board.


Many kits use "competitive bid" (my term for low cost) switches - they annoy me also - I just looked at my kit and the switches and the pictures of the wiring seem to match - I think Sparkfun has some larger switches with colored buttons that are a bit larger an easier to use

I always struggle with resistor markings, and use a multi-meter to check the value - I would suggest you get some sort of multi-meter to help double check your wiring and for trouble shooting - I think the last one I got to give as a gift was about $30- - my main meter is a very expensive Fluke 87 and is overkill by a factor of over 10x

On the plus side I think the book that came is way better than anything else I have seen - step by step and you don't need to go to the internet for more information

You also have the forum here for help if you get stuck or have concerns about most anything

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