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First post. A member of another forum ( recommended the Arduino board as a good board for beginners. I’ve done a fair bit of research, and I definitely think I’m going to buy one, but before I do I wanted the forums opinion on some components that would go well with the board. Basically, I have zero robotics experience, and plan on learning with whatever group of parts I buy until I feel comfortable enough to buy more.

Can you guys be of any help?



try this post…

Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely reference that Spooky Guide when I get my components. Unfortunately it didn’t really answer my main question which was about robotic components that I can use with the robot. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations.

For a lot of robotic applications a servo is one of the most basic components - and nothing could be simpler to connect to the arduino. I’ll post up a picture of my servo “shield” if you are interested.

Consider me interested.

Basically, I’m trying to get a funadmental knowledge of robotics and AI. Obviously the AI thing is a ways off, but I want to learn more about building a robot that can interact with it’s environment via different sensors (optical, sonar, whiskers, etc) and would also like the robot to be able to do the basic things like driving around, not running into things, etc.

Basically, I want to purchase something that will help me get to the level of understanding where I can start making more informed choices. Can you guys think of a set of components that you’d recommend to the beginner?

I was thinking of:

A few servos/motors
a few wheels
a few LEDs
some batteries
HDPE or plexiglass
an arduino
a few optical sensors

what else would I need to get a basic robot up and running? Does the arduino need to be soldered or anything?

a solderless breadboard and jumperwire kit would be a good addition, or just get an arduino shield with the breadboard built in. You might want to get some switches and buttons.

For basic experimentation you need a few LEDs, resistors, potentiometers, a few transistors, diodes, relays, switches. A breadboard, of course! Some perfboard to solder stuff.
You can hook up all of the usual robotics sensors to the arduino, so get what you think you need (e.g. Sharp range sensors).

Alright, I’ll start putting together a list o’ crap so future noobs can avoid asking the same question. Any other information would be appreciated.

oh i just remembered that the bluetooth arduino might be coming out soon, so it might be worth the short wait to get that.