Starter kit

Hi all I seem to have been a bit dumb and bought the arduino without the kit, is there a convenient way for me to buy all that stuff without buying another one? (Somewhere in the uk would be ideal)


I’d start off by seeing if there’s a local electronics store. The more you can buy locally the better in my opinion. If you can’t, Seeedstudio has a decent starter pack that can be ordered with or without an Arduino board.

Scroll to the bottom and choose the trimmed version.

if you are Uk based then see what others have in the starter kits, probably a solderless breadboard, jumper wires, a few resistors, LEDs. Try as they do small kits of resistors, LEDs and the breadboards. They may even have a shop close to where you live. Is what I did. Now seem to have a collection of boards.

Hope this helps


I bought the Arduino with the kit - and have yet to put the kit together. My iron is on the fritz, and running wires from the Arduino to a breadboard is easy enough. Point being - don’t wait till you get a kit to start experimenting with the Arduino.

Yes, here you go -

The Earthshine kit is great value - whilst you can buy all the stuff from Maplin etc they are quite expensive and you will spend hours making an order.