Starter Kit

Hello all, I am Dylan and am looking to make an Arduino Piano. I own a Galileo Gen 2 so I do not need a new board but I need parts. I successfully found all the parts I needed in an Arduino Starter Kit but that comes with an UNO board, which I do not need or want to purchases. Essentially, I would like to buy the starter kit but not the board, are there any kits like that that exist? Please let me know, an extra set of eyes looking would be beautiful. Thanks a lot, :) Dylan.

Just buy the parts you need. Either from an electronics supply site such as Digikey, Mouser, etc. or you may find better prices on eBay and Aliexpress and certainly a larger selection of modules and shields(though you may have mixed experiences with quality and the shipping is sometimes slow from China). This will allow you to get exactly what you want plus few extras just for fun and probably save money over buying some kit.

Thank you for the feedback, this will work but me being lazy just wanted to convenience of buying a kit all in one spot and not waiting for it to ship 20 different part from different sources. Thanks again, Dylan

Yes, but unless some helpful forum member can direct you to it, you would have to do a bunch of searching to find the kit that has every part you need. I agree that it's a real hassle to deal with the shipping of every part from a different eBay/Aliexpress seller but if you get on Digikey/Mouser or the like they have every component you could possibly imagine and an excellent search system to find them and it all ships fast in a single package.

Lazy = cost money

Anyone can always use another Arduino

Check out they have a lot of different kit there. Some with Arduino some with out.