Starter kit

I received an Arduino Uno R2 as a gift. Now I need a starter kit to go with it. I like the idea of a kit because it would contain instructions for projects as well as a pre-selected set of parts. I like the genuine Arduino Starter Kit, but it contains an Arduino Uno, and I already have one. Is there such a thing as a starter kit that is just parts and instructions?

Having two Unos can be very useful. For example ArduinoA could be used to create signals that simulate the output from some other device so that you could test a program on ArduinoB without actually having the other device.


It's also very nice to have a "known good" spare board stashed away. When you have a suspicion there is a hardware problem with the board you've been using, you can pull out that other board and see if the same problem occurs when using it. If it turns out there is a hardware problem with the other board, you can immediately switch to using the spare, instead of having your Arduino fun put on hold while you wait for a replacement to arrive.

I doubt you'll find any starter kit without an Arduino board.