Starter Project: Arduino Controlled (12v) LED - In/out fader / Pulse

Hi there,

Brand new to this community and therefore I know very little at the moment.

I am looking to create a PC controller box that eventually will open specific applications on my PC via Macros etc - that one is for the future; at the moment however I am looking for some help in making an LED pulser for some (red) 12V strip LEDs.

I want to mount the LEDs in my Computers Case and want it to give an ambient mood light that fades in and out constantly. I would also like to be able to turn the LEDs off completely via On/Off toggle switch (this switch will be incorporated into the final controller box project).

I know what I want, I'm just very unsure how to go about it and what is best for the project. :o :confused:

Any help would be great :slight_smile: cheers


Wow - thank you :slight_smile: - That seems so simple now I've read it myself... Hopefully I will be able to load it and get my version working; then I can move on to the HID side of things for communicating with my computer.

Thanks again :slight_smile: