Starterkit Project 8 & 11 Tilt Switch?

I seam to have a tilt switch that is not correct for my kit, projects 8 & 11. The tilt switch provided has 4 pins. They are so short ( 3mm) that they will not stay plugged into the proto board. This is especially problematic when the photos show that the switch is to be in the horizontal position to operate correctly. Do I misunderstand the instructions, or do I not have the correct tilt switch?

John N0URE

Not able to help, I am new to this stuff but I can tell this piece doesn't fit. Is there a way to maybe fasten some jumpers to it safely.


Thanks Larry!

For project 8, digital hourglass, we just replaced the tilt switch with the push button component. that worked fine to reset the countdown timer .

Also adjusted the interval to 1000 (10 sec) since didn't want to wait an hour for 6 leds to come on.