Starting a Billy Bass /Alexa hack - 1st project

1st post. I’ll explain project.
I know it’s been done but the tutorials online are not complete
Goal - hack Big mouth billy bass (3 motor) design TO Alexa using Bluetooth to connect for wireless option

What I’m looking at is :

  1. Uno rev 3
  2. Motor drive expansion board for L293d
  3. 4 pin DSD tech HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 module for Arudino Uno rev3

I want to be able to connect the Alexa via Bluetooth so I don’t have a 3.5mm cable for audio, and have the speakers play INTERNALLY, not through Alexa, like an all in one box.
I’ve don’t some prep on the Bluetooth module and seems very confusing, like you have to write code etc for it to work, is this correct?

I’ve found some code for the 3 motor design online already for the billy bass 3 motor design.

Just was curious if anyone ran into issues with the motor shield using same inputs as the Bluetooth module and if the Bluetooth module is a pain to setup?

Thanks in advance I’ll continue to cruise the forum for the same project. I can’t find much


Just to add
I notice the motor drive expansion board that sits
On top If the arudino coverd all ports, can I still use the Bluetooth module? Instead of sliding over the pins, they will need to be soldered now ?

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