Starting a home automation system


I am trying to build a home automation system. The broker that I want to use is OpenHab.
I would also like to automate my lights around my house. We already have relays is switchboard. So each switch is wired to the garage where the switchboard is located.

I have two queqtions...

  1. I would like to use an arduino genuino inside the switchboard, but is it legal for the insurance?

  2. How can I connect the cables off the switch to an arduino? How an I connect the relays to the arduino?

If you know the answer to my questions, please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Jens Van den Eede.

  1. All depends on country regulation and specific insurance conditions.
  2. Many examples how to drive relays, how to connect the switches with the Arduino exists on the web and of course here on the forum. You can use ready to use shields (additional board for Arduino) with relays etc.