Starting Arduino.

I want to start with arduino but I need forum members to guide me.

I cant get any dev board here in my place but theres a place I know that are selling Atmega 168. I am not sure is it the right chip. I will make a board if have to.

I’ve read some article to start with arduino.


How do I program the chip?
If using ISP/boot loader how can I get/do my own?
Programing language? which one?

Thanks for reply.

Well, first off, welcome to the wonderful world of arduino! I’m no pro but my skills are moderate enough that I suppose I may be of help. To answer your questions (and ask a few of my own):

Are you absolutely sure you would be unable to receive any internet-ordered boards? There are a ton of sites that offer every flavor of arduino to get you started with prices ranging anywhere from $10 to $60 for a board or the necessary pre-bootloaded chip w/ component combo.
(my personal favorites: sparkfun, seeedstudio, and nkc electronics)

yes, the atmega 168 is the original compatible chip for the first-gen duemilanove. In order to program the chip you will need an avr programmer which can either be homebuilt (though you will need access to a computer with a serial or parallel port) or you can buy a programmer for $$ check out or for more info on that.

for programming tips I would poke around the forum for some other posts and tutorials as many people have done this before, though, I am not among those homebrew few.

you should check out:

When using the true arduino platform you will be using the processing/wiring language defined by the arduino IDE. The language is very similar in structure to java and c++ and relatively simple to learn in comparison to most programming languages.

You could just buy a prebootloaded chip, but, I am guessing that since you can’t get the actual board, you won’t be able to get the arduino-bootloaded chip.

If you can, that’s good, because you won’t have to bother with dealing with the avr programmer or anything. You can just go ahead and build a stand alone arduino, and there are plenty great tutorials for that on the web.

Here are the google results for “stand alone arduino”:


Why not just buy an Arduino or Freeduino board?