Starting Materials

I just got an Uno, a breadboard, and a set of jumper cables, and will be going to Radioshack after work tomorrow to buy input/output devices and resistors. I know I'm getting a simple resistor kit, buttons ans switches, and LEDs. Is there anything else you guys'd recommend I get? Or anything to keep in mind when buying basic electronics supplies for Arduino projects?


and while their resistor kit packs are pretty good, the capacitor one sucks!

OK, how about some LEDs to go with the resistors? I know they are kind of expensive but how else are you going to get something in a store on a Saturday morning? And, get a small speaker would be nice too.

I'd get a couple of LDRs (light dependent resistors) as well.... then you can experiment with getting the leds to go off and on depending on the ambient light.

And maybe a cheap micro servo, it's always fun to have them whizzing back and forwards. (Disclaimer.... you'd probably not want to power it off the Arduino and better get its own battery)

Have fun!

PS: I guess you've already come across these and / or these tutorials?

Its better to choose component based on the project.

If it start up project minimum requirement will multimeter,resistor , capacitor.LED, potentiometer,

Basic test you can try is blink program, Serial read,Serial Write,

If you don't mind the wait, it's worth checking ebay for the resistor set and other small parts. You can get some really good deals when ordering straight from china. Just to get started using parts from Radio Shack you'll want some LED's, 220 ohm resistors to go with them, buttons with straight pins on the bottom (you have to check as many have pins that are shaped to be snapped onto a thin PCB), and whatever misc parts you'd like to experiment with. Look around the playground section here on the arduino site for some ideas. There's LOTS of possibilities! Good luck!

I prefer better known internet sources such as,, and the major distributors -,,,

I would suggest first. They're inexpensive, ship quickly, and have a lot of good starter stuff.

yea the web is much better than the shack, unless you just got a new toy and want to do a billion things with it tomorrow morning

I was planning on getting most stuff online, yeah. But I do intend to get the very basics today, because I want to mess around with it. :)

Thanks for all the replies!