Starting my Computer at Set Times Depending on the Day

Hello, so I have an Arduino Micro and was wondering how I could create what is described in the title. A
system that once setup would allow me to have my computer be started at different times during the week. I know the Micro needs to be attached to the power pins on the CPU but from there I need help. I have some very minor coding experience and have done nothing like this before so I need help figuring that out. Along with all this I have a touch shield and am curious as to how I could use that with the Micro to create a sort of interface so that I can change times without having to edit code. Any and all help with this project would be greatly appreciated.

You are building a timeswitch based on your Arduino Micro, so you can control other devices, switching them on/off at various times ? If so, you also need a real time clock unit.

Might be better to research Boot-on-Lan.

Isn't there a built-in facility in the PC operating system to do what you want ? Or a program you can download ?

IIRC I experimented with this with my Linux laptop some time ago.


Many motherboards (at least on the PC side) have a built in RTC and you have the option of setting that to boot the system. I know my motherboard (Asus P6X58D Premium) has that option under the "Power Menu" in the BIOS setup (I just looked) although I have my system set to stay off if the power fails (I hate it when the power fails, comes back on briefly, goes out again (maybe multiple times)). In the Asus manual, it is called "Power on by RTC Alarm" and is disabled by default.

And different start times for each weekday?

(Presumably it does - that is important.)

Windows has a "task sceduler". AFAIK you can make it do whatever you want (e.g. open a certain program) at the times you want. Leo..

I missed the "different times on different days" part (coffee had not kicked in yet) although I guess it is possible to set up the BIOS clock alarm from Windows to do what you want.