Starting out with the nueletronics 3310 LCD

I'm a beginner, I just got an arduino and nueletronics 3310 lcd shield.

I used the supplied example to get something on the screen, i can change some of the menu items but thats about it.

Ultimately i want to display the readings from 5 1wire temp sensors but for now i'd be happy with choosing any text to display on the screen

but i can't figure it out.

Any tips would be great, thanks.

This tutorial resolved all my my problems getting and LCD to work.]

Give it a try and post back if you encounter further problems

Ian B :)


Does that information apply to the nokia based LCDs like i have?

Do i just need to figure out (using a datasheet i guess) which pins are which and assign them correctly?

I havn't got to Nokia style LCDs yet but I suspect that the pin functions will determine the overall functionality of of the device.

When I have a bit more free time, i'll have a look at the datasheet and post back.

Ian B

that would be fantastic. I'm looking at the data sheet and can't really make much of it

Ok, The Datasheets i’ve looked at are pretty confusing for us non technical folk however
helps a lot because the # defines tell us which connector on the LCD goes to which pin on the Arduino. I suggest that you coble this project together and run the sample code provided. That should move your understanding forward a few steps

HTH :slight_smile:

Ian B

I've figured out what code from the example to prune out that still leaves the backlight on and removes the menu and allows me to write my own text.

Next thing i'm trying to accomplish (in the absence of temp sensors) is to send text to it and have it display on the lcd on the fly.

i've been trying to find commands for receiving data from the serial monitor

any ideas?

i did find that code before, i've just tried the first lump of it, it seems to compile and upload fine, but doesn't do anything, it leaves the lcd in the same state as it was before uploading (in this case with a bunch of text i'd sent it)

Ahh, I see.

Have you found the tutorials from LadyAda? covers Serial Communication in a very understandable way. Maybe that could help

Ian B

yes i had read through the ladyada stuff.

Deals a lot with serial.print but i want to read from the serial port and display on the lcd (this could ultimately be pointless but i'm trying to muck about and increase my understanding)

thanks for your help

Ok, I found some stuff on that recently but can't lay my hands on it. (lousy filing system)

When I get back from work today, I'll have a better look.

Ian B


Ok....These two links provided me with enough of a clue for me to prove that it is possible to control both analog and digital pins on my Arduino with a simple Gambas programme. (Gambas is a linux equivalent to MS Visual Basic in case your not a Linux user)

Hopefully there is enough in this code to help you find a way to a successful conclusion to your project.

Let us know how you go :)

Ian B

Thanks for your help

Your Welcome

Let us know if you get to where you want to be with this device


Ian B :)

You might want to have a look at my updated/rewritten library for this display. This is described on my page here: This has been successfully used by a number of other people, along with contributed updates and enhancements.

The library has text as well as basic graphic and bitmap functions. The examples include demos of these. There is also a sample application using a temp/humidity sensor to show the current readings.

Hope this helps

Andy ;)

thankyou, for some reason i didn’t get that working when i first found it
(i guess some simple piece of understanding that i now have prevented me)

However when i go to the temperature section initially the “C” and “%RH”
show but when values are then added these symbols change to random sets of characters, the “C” actually changes every 30 seconds or so through what appears to be the whole set of characters available

any ideas?

If you want a Splash Screen or just want to convert a bitmap to an array (using a GIF or a JPG): I did a generator for online usage here.

I’m trying to find out which pins NEED to be connected on this shield.
I want to connect some 1wire sensors and possibly a SSR too.

So i need to know which arduino pins aren’t being used by the lcd

Hi, when I've used this shield with temp sensors I've used one of the nuelectronics proto sheilds between the arduino and the lcd shield. The temp sensors were then wired in to the proto shield.

The 3310 lcd shield uses digital i/o pins 10-13 for the display and 9 to control the backlight. Also the joystick uses analogue input 0. So the rest are free to use.

Hope this helps

Andy :)