starting the new world

i want to start the world of programing and the interesting electric components..............but i m confuse from where to start.
plzz help. :sweat_smile:

What do you want to do?
What experience, if any, do you have? Or are you a absolute beginner.

I would start with lots of reading on basic electronics and reading the basic programs on the forum.


i m absolute beginner

Start with the info in the Learning tab above.

Arduino Uno is a good starter board.


hello sir,
thank you for helping i went through certain programming of arduino .Its really intersting..
I also went through the servos project i get the way it works but i want to ask that by running "for loop" to 360 degree is i able to rotate servos available of 360 degree.

if it is possible then i will write the code by my own and i will show u to check it...

thank you

Many servos have a fixed angle of rotation. I believe you can get continuos rotation servos for 360deg.

I do not know much about servos but many others do.


You are a pioneer in the field of electronics!

P=IE and E=IR

Get it? PIE 'n' EIR :slight_smile:

Anyway, learn this first: Ohm's law - Wikipedia