Starting threads with the word "So"

So I’m wondering why so many threads start with the word “So”?

Is it just me or is this really annoying? Perhaps I’m showing my age.

(EDIT Unless it’s “so” as in “therefore” which is correct imo: “So you should connect the grounds”. But it annoys the crap out of me when posts start “So I’m working on a project to…”)


So I would like also like to get like rid of like the work like like.


Back in the day I knew a guy who told me he bought a calculator from Hewlett and, like, Packard.

And then there's, you know, "you know", you know?

Don't get me started.

Oh wait ...


I can live with "So", and I don't see much of "like" and "you know" to care.
I'm at the point where I ignore anything with "noob" or "help!" (and their variants) in the subject line.

So, like, whats the problem? You know if you get rid of the word So, you will stop sentences that are questions, etc.

So many people...
So what are you...
So how are you...
So so...

"So" has so many uses that you can't just eradicate it... so now you know.

“So” has so many uses that you can’t just eradicate it

Just make it so!

How about "wanna"?
That gem of stupidity practically moves me to violence!