Starting to get Java errors

I started getting Java errors today when I try to upload. The sketch compiles okay but then produces the attached errors. Restarting Arduino only fixes the problem sometimes.

Anyone know what causes this?

UPDATE: The sketch will no longer upload. Rebooted, reinstalled Arduino, and reinstalled Java.

It must be something in the sketch (even though there are no compile time errors), because other sketches will compile and upload okay.

I am using the nano V3
Arduino 1.6.7
Win 10 + all updates
Latest Java

I have attached the sketch (about 1000 lines); Don’t know C++ so it’s all plain C.

Without the compiler identifying a line that is at fault, this seems like a true nightmare to debug.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated

clockradio.ino (32.9 KB)

Another update! No sketches will compile and upload. They all compile okay then when the status line changes from "Compiling" to "Uploading" the error occurs.

This means I am dead in the water as far as Arduino programming goes.

I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Com port. No help.

The IDE has it's own version of Java built in. There is no need to install or update Java. So you are probably having conflict issues with them. Google a program called JavaRa and install it. Remove all instances of Java. Restart PC, then see if you can upload.

You were right codlink. I ran javara and it cleared up the problem.

Thank you very much. I was worried this would be a tough one but you hit the nail on the head first try.

Glad I could help.