starting up : connect a motor to an arduino uno

Hello ! i wish to connect a motor to my arduino uno ( for starters ) and make it go forward or backwards (and later on, connect a servo to my arduino to control the direction ) . I don’t know nothing about hardware circuits (for now) , i am a programmer . Where should i start ? do you have a tutorial for a newbie like me ?

You will need some kind of motor driver because if you connect the motor directly, it will fry your outputs on the Arduino. There are many good motor shields with a H-Bridge (to make motors go forward and backwards) to make things easy for you, as long as you know which one you need. For some motors you can get away with a few transistors on a breadboard.

For this you’ll need to figure out what kind of motor you have (DC, Bipolar, Stepper, Brushless …), how many wires come out of it and how much current it will draw. Depending on that, you need to connect the motor differently to your motor shield and the software for it varies. For all common motor types and motor shields there are working examples to get you started, you just need to select the correct one.

For more information look for Arduino motor and you’ll find many sites with pretty pictures and good explanations.


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