Starting with Arduino and WTV020 SD - 16 P

Hi there, my name is Juan Carlos Ortiz Posada, from Medellín - Colombia. I am making many projects (Lightsabers, Robots, etc) and want them to have sound, so I bought a WTV020 SD - 16P and put in the sd card some sounds, but I don’t know how to control it from the Arduino.

Could you help me with the scketch to do it?

This rutines are for the lightsaber I am making.

  • Reproduce one sound when turned on and stops.

  • Reproduce another sound and still like a loop.

  • If a moving sensor is activated make a third sound, and stop sound when not moving.

  • if it clashes make a sound, and then stops.

  • Make a last sound before turned off.

But what I need is the commands I must have in mind to make it possible.


Have you seen this:-

Or better still:-