starting with arduino

I am going to buy an arduino duemilanove and was wondering what else should I buy to get started. I am going to buy the arduino from I am thinking of getting:

mini push buttons
jumper wire

What else would be a good thing to buy to get started? I can get potentiometers, leds, and resistances here where I live.

forgot to post the links to the buttons and jumper wire


jumper wire

it really depends on what you want to do :slight_smile:

But here are some items that are hard to live without:

A breadboard
some LED’s
some resistors (for the LED’s)

You could go for one of the Arduino starter packs, this one for instance:

This is just one, there are others as well.

The advantage of a starter pack is that you get (almost) everything you need to do a lot of the initial experiments and learning.