starting with arudino (once again)

i use puredata and processing and recently heard bout arduino, which seems pretty cool and useful for music making. im planning to buy some stuff asap, so to get things clear- as i read in some posts on this board, you can really do nothing useful with basic arduino kit (
, can you? im not really interested in watching leds blink or fade, i would rather use it to help with music making, like noises and stuff, lol.

so, what addidtional kits would you recommend to buy, like protoshield or motor control board. what will i be able to do using them really?

sorry for noob questions but i really wanna get into that stuff, but kinda short on money right now ;/
and also, where to get these for the best price, with shipping to EU?
thanks for any suggestions

You will really need to decide for yourself a lot more specifically what you need.

Your question is like saying I want to make a picture, should I buy paint or paper or pens or canvas, etc.

The field of what is out there and what you can do with it is immense.

You can buy the motor control board and make noice by the sound of motor vibrations at different speeds for example, or you can connect a piezo element directly to an output and vibrate it directly with a squarewave at various frequencies. It’s really limitless.

right. sorry for that, but i used to work only with trackers and puredata and broken radios lol, so dont know that much bout interfaces and electronics. i would like to start with connecting myself to the arduino interface, so i guess starting with piezo attached to the wrist wouldnt be a bad idea.

i got the arduino booklet and the breadboard seems essential. what else would you recommed?

Actually if you are interested in making music and noise with the Arduino, you don’t need anything else except perhaps a small breadboard, find a speaker from somewhere, and you are almost there. You can just “bit banging” to make sound, or use a R2R ladder. Check out these links as a starting point:

Basically by switching one output pin on and off, you can start making sound.