startPlayback incompatible with servo

Hello friends .. I am quite newcomer to ARDUINO .. but sufficient to explain the following problem : The matter is that "startPlayback" instruction is not compatible with "servo.write"

I am using NANO card ... ATMEL MEGA 328P ... AMS 1117 ... .... 50 DN91 ... . CH340C.... 205695A39 ....

First of all, I already solved the libraries conflict among “PCM” and “servo” libraries .. I use the library “servoTimer2” instead of usual “servo” library to control my servo

I already can compile my sketch with both instructions “startPlayback() … “stopPlaybak()” and “servo.write()” without problem .. and the sketch runs .. but only the audio function works….. The servo become not operative and doesn’t work .. When I remove the “startPlayback() … “stopPlaybak()” instructions from the sketch .. the servo works without problem .. When using the “startPlayback() … “stopPlaybak()” in other sketch without servo .. the Audio works …

Then What I am doing wrong ?????

You are still using conflicting libraries that need the same resources. You probably need to move the servo function to an off board solution like a servo pulse generator chip.

Like this one [url] Overview | Adafruit PCA9685 16-Channel Servo Driver | Adafruit Learning System

Thank you very much Grumpy .... I shall explore that possibility of an off board solution ... Nevertheles, I need only one (1) servo for my application And I am wondering that so simple task as using one servo and producing one sound could be so complex ..... and not existing any trick to solve in an easier way ... On the other hand, I presume that I am not the first Arduiner that experience such difficulty .... Thank you again .. Regards

The problem is that once you have implemented a solution for one servo it is almost trivial to extend this to many.

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