Startup - Create a cell phone - No screen, 5 buttons

Hi Guys!!

I am trying a startup to manufacture a very, very basic cell phone that does not have a screen on it and that simply receives calls and can dial 5-6 pre-programmed numbers.

The phone will have 5-6 personalised buttons on it with the pre-progammed numbers on it.

It would have to have an on/off button, charge indicator, led indicator for incoming outgoing calls, speaker phone for ringtones and also a headphone jack. A call and end call button would also be required.

I have been contacting manufacturers but there is such a huge minimum order quantity that it just isn't worthwhile for me.

After coming across arduino, I had a crazy idea, maybe it's possible to program arduino to run this?

I am quite techie myself, I know how to assemble computers and build websites - but I don't know programming.

I can learn - but I am conscious of my abilities. I am highly driven.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?

I did see a tutorial on arduino DIY cell phone, but that is more advanced then what I require.

Thank you!!!

I have no idea what tutorial you saw, but why no just eliminate the features you don't need?



Because I have never programmed before - It is a little difficult for me to remove features etc.

Do it for a fun project, but any other aspirations are ill informed. There are already several kid-focused cell phones like the Firefly, and there wasn't even much of a demand for them then.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

What is the likelihood of someone who has 0 programming experience, of learning a language here and building a phone for commercial use… I am driven… is it possible? and where can I start?