Startup issues with Arduino 2.0.0 beta 6

Before this , i downloaded beta 5 , it also had som problem , but it got solved partly by itself and partly with the help of forum members.
today i downloaded beta 6 . I did not delete beta 5 before that and beta 6 replaced it at it own without user's help.
I tried to upload the blink sketch for testing (board is Arduino UNO)
But in output it completes compilation , but after that there comes a long list of errors.
Here is a picture of error

pls help

Hi @arunav1. If you upload using Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.5, is it successful?

You can download 2.0.0-beta.5 here:

If you use the "" download from that page, then it can be installed at the same time as your 2.0.0-beta.6 installation. Just unzip the downloaded file and open the Arduino IDE.exe file you find inside the unzipped folder. No installation is needed.

What about the error , pert?

I just installed zip file and unzipped it . I did not do anything else

Please answer my question:

Yes it is

But not in beta 6

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Now can we go back to error

But it is not successful in beta 6

I order to gather more information that might help us to troubleshoot your problem, I'm going to ask you to post the full output from the upload when in verbose mode.

Please do this:

  1. Select File > Preferences from the Arduino IDE's menus.
  2. Uncheck the checkbox next to Show verbose output during: [ ] compilation
  3. Check the checkbox next to Show verbose output during: [ ] upload.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. Attempt an upload, as you did before.
  6. After the upload fails, right click on the black "Output" pane at the bottom of the Arduino IDE 2.x window.
  7. From the context menu, click Copy All. This copies the full output to the clipboard.
  8. Open a forum reply here by clicking the Reply button.
  9. Click the </> icon on the post composer toolbar. This will add the forum's code block markup (```) to your reply to make sure the error messages are correctly formatted.
    Code block
  10. Press Ctrl+V. This will paste the error output from the upload into the code block.
  11. Move the cursor outside of the code tags before you add any additional text to your reply.
  12. Click the Reply button to post the output.

Ok I will do this as soon as I can . Now I am working on something else

Hey pert , i don't know what kind of black magic this is , but in both cases of beta 5 and beta 6 , the ide did not work n the first use. When i use it on second day , it works. Is there anything like - WHEN APPLICATION IS INSTALLED < START WORKING AFTER 6 hours :sweat_smile:

Haha. Sometimes I think so. Well, better than than "stop working after 6 hours"!

Anyway, I guess we'll just be grateful that it's working now and not question our luck too much.

Yes correct anyway thanks again.

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