STC Microcontroller

Hi guys,

I just need some help with an STC microcontroller (namely a 15W4K series). I was wondering if there was any way to access the code on a microcontroller after it has been programmed?

I understand that it would be in assembly language and I wouldn't see any variable names of sorts.

I have attached the pin-out and was wondering if there is any software or program I can connect the micro usb to, to access this data?

I appreciate your assistance in advance.

There is no documented way of sucking the object code out of a STC processor. STC is so confident that you cannot do it, they have a standing reward for any one that can.

You might be able to power supply glitch them or use some other creative reverse engineering technique to get a programmed device to give up its code but chances are extremely high it will be compiled c code so you still will not have something that would be easy to modify unless the desired changes are trivial.

IMO, the majority of the Chinese devices (and kits) that use STC processors would benefit from a replacement, well written program. Been there, done that with the 1 inch LED clock kits.