I am starting a new project in which I want to fog up a piece of glass. Much like the shower gets fogged up from a hot shower. I have been thinking of using a heating element, but I wanted to ask the forum to see if anyone had a good idea how I should start this project.

I appreciate any advice.


Using a heating element is risky. You are better off using one of those ultrasonic fogging inserts they use in many indoor water displays. Look in craft shops (on the net) to get just the insert.


Steam vaporizers are fairly inexpensive at walmart.

I recall that there was a variety of device that used a pair of (carbon?) electrodes buried at the bottom of the water container, and they were connected directly to the mains (115V here in USA). They caused the water to boil, but would automatically(!) stop when all the water boiled away since there remained nothing to conduct.

= Steam vaporizer at walmart