Steering Movement Problem

thats a good Question John But i have done some work to see my IC is working but my IC is doing good on My friends Board Why its Not working on my Board

cutebuddy6: thats a good Question John But i have done some work to see my IC is working but my IC is doing good on My friends Board Why its Not working on my Board

That question brings us back to Reply #8:

johnwasser: 1) Programming error 2) Insufficient RAM 3) Electrical problem such as voltage drop.

i think that Programming is not the Issue the Voltage Drop is the Issue because i have made my own arduino On PCB what should i check Transistors,Resistor or capacitor

I'd try to unstick your shift-key too.

cutebuddy6: the when it on Moving Left it require a Lot of power to move it i think that the motor and the relay is Producing Back emf i have place diode for it and don't know the other concerned issue

Please - post some pics of your setup, your board, your schematic, your code...!

Are you saying it takes more power to move it to the left than to the right? If it is the same motor, that could be a mechanical issue?

Do you have decoupling caps on your Arduino board?

Are the relays identical to each other? How are they wired (once again - pics and a schematic could help us immensely)...?

If the motor is producing a lot of back EMF (or EMF in general - do you have caps across the terminals, and to the case of the motor?) - have you measured the noise using an oscilloscope (mainly between the line from the Arduino and the Arduino's ground) - to see if any back EMF is being injected in some manner that could cause a reset?

Does the system work correctly when "toggled" by hand - that is, when applying 5 volts/ground simulated HIGH/LOW to the transistors that control the relays (just like the Arduino would)? Have you tried using an optocoupler (well, probably two in your case - one for each relay) to completely isolate (both signal and ground) the Arduino from the motor controller?


I want to know why my board is getting reset i have attached the circuitry with it

Relay Circuit.bmp (905 KB)

How are those relays supposed to work?

when the my Control will send high to the ULN2003 it will pass it to relay and the following relay will switch to ON

-->if the Right relay will On the motor will run clockwise -->if the Left motor will get on the Motor will run anti-clockwise

I think there is much still missing from your schematic.

no this is it

you can tell me if i am missing

Look carefully at the relays.
Tell me how they’re supposed to work.
Think “electrical circuit”.

dear if voltage is applied to the diode this will pass the voltage to the relay and motor will be connected and if the voltage gets off pin get disconnected and the inductor in the relay will be dischrged that'll produce back emf so for that i have placed a diode for that

Most relays I've seen need at least two wires connected to them to energise the coil. That's why I said "think electrical circuit".

( I hope this thread isn't going to degenerate into another "pulling teeth" sessions)

well i don’t understand what you just said but what do you mean by two wires

How does your "circuit" allow current through the relay coils?

AWOL: Think "electrical circuit".

You may be asking a bit much. :(

cutebuddy6: you can tell me if i am missing

You should put Ground symbols on all of the parts that are connected to Ground. Current won't flow into the relay coils unless the other side of the relay coil is grounded.

i have made modified the circuitry

cutebuddy6: i have made modified the circuitry

Why did you ground pin 9? That ain't gonna get you very far...

/pulling teeth, indeed! :D

i have not grounded the 9th but the 8 is grounded