Steering Wheel Controls

I bought a Parrot Asteroid SMART stereo unit for my car. There are a few tutorials out there about using an Arduino UNO to read the signals basically on a 2 wire resistor ladder. It all seemed so so simple at the time but I am seriously running into trouble adapting it to my vehicle. I cant figure out how to approach it.

Here is the wiring diagram for the steering wheel controls:

Is this more of a Wheatstone bridge rather than a resistor ladder? Its so damn cold out I haven't tested this yet. But I have bread boarded a few test circuits to little success.

Could anyone offer any advice as to how to wire this to measure which button is pressed? I am assuming that +VCC is the center wire and the left and right wires are hooked up to an Analog pin to be read. Am I wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Have you made the circuit yet?

You would need to test each button and record the value it produces, then make a table of the recorded values. You can use an array for that. Once you have the array, you would need to cycle through the array and compare the read value to the recorded value. Make sure you give it some slack, say +- 3 from the recorded value. You can use a FOR loop to cycle through the values and if the read value is equal to or within the +- 3 range, return or do a particular function.