Stencil Soldering, SMD madness

Hello guys,

Looking for some general advice on large scale pcb production.

I have to solder some 800 smd's (motor drivers) 0.65 pin pitch , with a thermal pad on the bottom
and surrounded by 4 capacitors.

I have no experience whatsoever with smd's,

My idea is to go with stencil and a stove or hotgun.
Anyone with experience on that would be really helpful.

I have also other holethrough components on my pcb.
THinkin whether I should do everything SMD but it is scary to me. it does come cheaper though.

800 pieces? Send them out.
Contact Steve Brand at in California.

hmm , thanks

im actually located in Berlin.
Havent found any similar service around. at first look .

Why not China? The difference in price can be enough to pay the import taxes, I think.

I'm in Portugal and I know some local assemblers too, but for you I think is best do that in Germany, Poland, Hungary or something like that, don't? Where you build you PCB's? There are some companies for PCB production that can assembly components too. If you don't chose yet the PCB manufacturer you can take that into account. One more thing. You can assembly the SMD components and do the THT your self (but 800 I think is too much).

Send a PM to Spycatcher in the UK (Wales?), I think her company does that.