Step calibration

I looked all over the place to fins how to jog the X axis 200 mm to try and calibrate the machine Im using UGS 2.0 and cant seem to find an answer . In the command line how do i jog 200 mm , what is the command I need to calibrate all of the axis's ?

Thank you

Are you running grbl? What version? Which controller board? Please provide a description of your machine. How are the axes driven (belt, lead screw)?

This page has a calculator for steppers using belt and lead screws.

im using cnc shield v3 with an arduino uno , with that im using a lead screw and the machine is home made , ugs version 1.1 all calibrations are almost finished except for the machine steps , if I could figure out how to Jog the machine to a distance I put in then i can see if the steps are accurate or not .


To jog with grbl 1.1.

This helps alot thank you soo much ,I tried to find this in github but had no luck .

Thanks again Karma