STEP file with hexapod body plan

Can someone PLEASE give my a software package that is guaranteed to be capable of reading a STEP file.

I have tried two software packages suggested on a website and neither of them can read this file format.

And I am not willing to waste any more time installing software packages until a fluke one that can read STEP file.

I have tried Autocad desktop and Circuit Studio - neither of them are of any use with a STEP file.

Afaik you have to use the import dialog of Autocad.

Maybe you could upload the file you want to open so we can try it.

lg, couka

Are you going to use the step file to make a 3d printed part?

I use and see a lot of step files which I load into SolidWorks.

It has the option to output an STL file which I can load into my 3D printer software to make a part.

If all you need is the STL then attach the step file and I will convert it to STL or whatever file format that you can use.

Here it is. The forum won't accept the STEP file so here is a zip file.

Nup. can't do it. the system keeps telling me the file is too big even though I have compressed it.

One of you will have to give me an email address and I will email the file to you. is my email address

I re-installed autocad and used its import feature.

Great - I get a message “import file process complete. File is ready to import”…with a link to my STEP file

Now what?

How do you actually import it so that I can see it in the main window???

Where has autocad put this processed file?

Honestly this file format is too much hassle. Even when it imports into Autocad - I can't do anything useful with it. I think I will just scrap it and find something easier to deal with.