Step motor Gears


I would like to know where I could get plastic gears with a hole that fits the shft of the stepper motor which I attach in the image (I indicate the measurements of the shaft). I need a pinion gear with a 0.5 module, a pinion about 10-20 teeth and a sprocket of 40 teeth approximately.

Thank you! has a good selection of gears. You may have to drill out the hub to get the perfect fit.

Consider also timing belts and pulleys. They don't suffer from backlash.

Might be tricky to drill an squarish hole … :wink: if you buy some needle files , with care, you can open up a hole to suit .

It is much easier to drill a round hole, and use set screws to lock the gear in place.

A haaa !

Shaft couplers




And timing belts off some damping to help prevent resonance effects.

Thank you for all your responses, guys. I think this one fits better with my requirements. I have just ordered some shaft couplers.


While you are waiting for them, try a piece of copper or brass tubing. Inside dia. is slightly less than your shaft major dia. Force over the shaft. Use a gear that will fit the new tubing dia.

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