Step Motor Library

This is in regards to and in continuation of discussion seen in this previous "read only" thread

The question now is, what location in the code do I assign the direction and what location do I assign the step using the step motor library?

Pauls states that 2-pin construction of a step motor library looks something like this: Stepper stepmotor(int number_of_steps, int motor_pin_1, int motor_pin_2);

Does "int motor_pin_1" define the direction or the command to take a certain number of steps?

Same for "int motor_pin_2".

I have a Gecko201 motor drive that requires a direction, step and 5v logic from the microcontroller. I want to have the motor be able to take X number of steps at Y speed.

It looks like that Gecko motor driver handles all the control logic for you. IOW, you don't need a step motor library to interface with that motor driver. Just tie two Arduino outputs to the direction and step inputs on the motor driver. Set the 'direction' output to the direction you want the motor to turn, and pulse the step output to turn the stepper motor in that direction (one step per pulse).

I do not believe the Stepper library works with a direction/step arrangement. The motor pins refer to the pins driving the coils themselves. Direction is determined by specifying a positive or negative number of steps when you call the step() method.