Step motor

I looking for possibilities build up actuator which I can do linear movement small laser head holder from point A to B within max 2 seconds. Distance between points is around 500mm. My question is: It is possible with small miniature steps motor? I don’t have experience with robotics or mechanical projects, and I asking. Code for control shouldn’t be a problem, more I worry about mechanical barrier. But I see in CNC or 3D printers that is possible things like that. If someone had experience with stuff like that please give me tips where I can start digging. Thank you

0.25 m/s seems feasible using a motor and a belt, which is how printers and cutters do it. Are you sure physically moving the laser is the best way to do it? Or can you move a mirror, or a fiber optic? They may be lighter, and less sensitive to shock.

You should be able to do that with a system that is like one Axis of a 3D printer. Use a stepper motor to move a toothed belt and attach to laser to the belt. The movement distance just depends on the length of belt that you buy.

You will probably get more information about this on the RepRap Forum where they specialize in 3D printing.

You could also get a stepper motor to drive a screwed rod in the style used by lathes but I think that mechanism would not be fast enough.

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