Step one

I just received the experimenter's kit and have the led blinking. Just to put my toe in the programing waters I decided to change the time of the blink by changing the code from 1000 to 2000, then tried to upload it.

It come back tihe STK 500_getsync
and, STK 500_disable Protocal error

Then, I thought maybe I should complie it first, but same result.
After changing it back, it still gives the same messages.

What am I missing.

Then, I thought maybe I should complie it first, but same result.

That button on the arduino environment just checks out the syntax, the actual compiling is done everytime you hit the up load button.

Make sure you have selected the correct serial port and the correct board type from the menu before trying to download.

Grumpy Mike:

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am using the 328 board and COM 1, so I think that's correct. My Vista pgm auto downloaded the driver and the board is blinking the LED like crazy.

Very little info came with the kid, so I'm in the dark. Am I trying to do something that can't be done? I just assumed that with the code displayed I could make a change and upload it.

To the error message above, I should add. : not in sync: resp=0x00
and, : protocal error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51
Enough to make my eyes glaze over.

So, what's the first thing someone should do after plugging in the board for the first time and has become bored watching the LED blink?

Did the led started to blink right after you connected the Arduino board to your computer? If so then the Arduino seems to be very much broken! It shouldn't blink unless you uploaded a code to blink the led.

One of the first things i did was the temperature monitor. In serial monitor (thats in Arduino program in your PC) you can see the temperature. Also i made two leds blink the number of times the temp was. (23 degrees = LED1 made 2 blinks and LED2 made 3 blinks)

Very little info came with the kid, so I'm in the dark.

Kids usually come that way. It's a big shock learning to take care of one.

Yeah, let's hope that one day we receive a manual with them ;D :o

D3C3Pt1con & PaulS:

Very nice drawing - better than the little booket that came with the unit.

The LED started blinking after Visa loaded the driver when I first connected the board. I think I did that out of order as I should have downloaded the software first.

Your example is great, but I'm just trying to take a baby step. I'm wondering if I should try and reset the board. I see a pin marked 'reset' and I imagine it should go to ground for a second. Does that sound like a plan?