Step sequencer cv out to control Arduino

Has anybody experimented with ready-made sequencer to send signals to arduino to further control for example relays? I've got Doepfer Dark Time sequencer that has 5V cv outs. Could I read the signal with arduino. I want to build a robot-monkey that is synchronized to sequence of the synth.
Anything helps at this point.

Presumably your sequencer has CV + trigger outputs. It is possible to read both of these with many/most Arduinos. How many channels of CV/trig you need to analyse will be interesting as will exactly what signal manipulation and output signals you need.

Unfortunately "robot-monkey" doesn't tell me very much.


The sequencer has gate out and cv out. I could dedicate one of each to arduino. Midi and second set of cv/gate would be for synths.
How about the ground? Should I also connect grounds of sequencer and arduino
Robot-monkey is just a sculptural object that should move with dc-motors controlled by relays.

For example hi note would trigger relay1 and low note relay2. Gate signal would add rythm

Sounds pretty straightforward. Have you tried anything yet?


I'm still waiting for the delivery of the sequencer. I want to make sure I don't break anything with random connections. I'll try to keep the relay controlled circuit isolated to protect arduino and sequencer.