Hey, Where can I find the source for Stepper.h

Sverker Almehed

Which one?

It is part of the code that comes with the Arduino IDE

On my Linux PC it is at .../arduino-1.8.6-linux64/libraries/Stepper

However if you are not satsified with the standard Stepper library you may find it more useful to use the AccelStepper library


An easy way to find the source code of any library which has example sketches is as follows:

  • File > Examples > {library name} > pick any of the library's example sketches
  • Sketch > Show Sketch Folder
  • Move up folder levels until you reach the root folder of the library (it will be the folder directly under the "libraries" folder. The source files may be in the library root folder, or under the "src" subfolder

This is especially useful because you may have multiple copies of a library installed on your computer, but only one of those will actually be in use by the Arduino IDE. With some libraries, this will even depend on which board you have selected from the Tools > Board menu. If you're not looking/editing the source code of the library actually in use, that could lead to some confusion.