Steppen motors nema 17 and nema 23


I found an interesting cnc project but they use nema 17 stepper motors. Can I just switch these motors with nema 23 stepper motors to make a more 'stronger' systeem?


And if the larger motors are more powerful they probably draw more current and will need more powerful stepper drivers.

The control logic should be identical if the stepper drivers take step and direction signals.

...R Stepper Motor Basics

spycatcher2k: Larger size does not mean more power from the motor. Have a look at the datasheets for the Power rating.

Larger size does mean more power for similar classes of motor, because size (volume in fact) controls torque, and speed is usually similar enough. But for steppers "similar" includes things like same permanent magnet type (ferrite or NdFeB), same number of steps per revolution..


I am not talking about winding impedances, I am talking about torque and power.

Any motor can be wound in several different ways, the power is the same, the current and voltage are not.

Torque is basically down to rotor volume, power is torque x max speed.

The answer to the OP is that no, buying a NEMA 23 size motor versus a NEMA size 17 motor [u]does not[/u] guarantee a "stronger" system.

some nema 17 stepper motor also have high torque, it depend on what your cnc project is?