Stepper and DC motor drive

Hi. I need someone who can write a script to control a cable winch system for a drone.

We have several elements here:

The reel- DC brushless motor with controller and encoder

The cable guide- Stepper motor on worm screw

2 x limit switches for cable guide

What we would like to achieve:

User pulls cable off of drum- the guide ensures it follows its winding on the drum.

Encoder is monitored and drum motor to apply a little resistance to stop cable tangling around drum or pulled off too quickly.

When cable is out. Option to start reeling in of cable into drum (guide stepper motor to again follow along the drum to ensure cable is placed on to drum evenly)

If any resistance is sensed in the cable, which can be achieved using the encoder- I.e drum comes to a stop whilst motor is running, then the drum motor is to stop.

  • there should be the option allow several different speeds to reel the cable back on to the drum,- again the cable guide stepper motor will need to change its speed accordingly to keep up.

Attached are some pictures of the system to make it clearer.

Please could anyone interested in this project message me directly. This is a paid project

Hi @alexhalliow

Are you still looking for help? I am willing to help you complete this project. PM me if you would like me to help.

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