stepper and L6208


I am working with motors and I use steppers. I made some drivers with L293, but I have many problems, it become hot, you cannot access half step and microsteps, you cannot use powerfull stepper and it's quite impossible to drive two motors at the same time. Searching the net, I found two possibilities, L297/L298 and L6208, they seems promising and I buy a sample of each. I maked a evaluation prototype on a breadboard for the both, I think I am right, when I enable the driver, the stepper is blocked, but I have problems sending clock to advance the steps.

I tried with a very simple program:

void setup(){ pinMode(2, OUTPUT); } void loop(){ digitalWrite(2, HIGH); delay(100); digitalWrite(2, LOW); delay(100); }

Nothing append.

Have somebody used L297/L298 or L6208 with arduino?

Thank you in advance


Did you remember to connect the ground from Arduino to the ground on the stepper controller IC ?

I forgot that in a similar (but not the same IC) setup. As soon as the grounds were connected everything worked as expected.

unfortunately, yes. I will post a shema of my install, perhaps someone could help me.