Stepper Control

Hey everyone. I have been working on assembling a robot out of stepper motors over the last few months so I ordered a pack of 6. I got a program for one working and then proceeded to test each individual stepper motor and each one worked flawlessly. With this newfound confidence, I plugged in 4 more to the board and started wiring power to each of the control boards. After plugging it back in to see if the one attached to the original pins back in nothing happened. Perplexed I started investigating when I discovered a part of my board between the USB plug-in and the DC plug-in was getting very hot. Also upon plugging it back in the power light comes on briefly and fades away. So I think I finally burnt my first Arduino out.

So I think what I did wrong was just that the current draw was too heavy?

How do I figure out what load is too much load?

Here is a link to the motors I was using:

The board was from a different Kuman kit. Also if anyone has recommendations for cheap Arduino boards for a poor college it would be much appreciated.

Back to the point of this how do I control multiple stepper motors in a way that doesn't turn my Arduino into a stove top for ants?

You must separate the power for the motors from the control electronics (Arduino.)

It sounds like you thought the motors ran on 5V and connected them all to the Arduino's 5V pin. That pin can't supply enough power. It's only for sensors and small LCD displays.

Depending on the control boards you have, a 12V supply is probably more suitable, even for motors which are nominally 5V or less. The good type of control chip will manage this for you.

Then you connect the 12V to the DC jack of the Arduino and, so long as you don't have anything else too power-hungry on the 5V pin, you are good to go.

If the Arduino you have has totally destroyed the 5V voltage regulator, it may still run OK on USB power or 5V applied to the 5V pin. I've done this myself after toasting a few over the years.