Stepper controller

Hi friends, I am building a proyect where I have to control a bipolar motor using microstepping, I found a driver in the web, called Easydriver that can be used for the stepping sequence of the motor, you just need input the direction and the speed for the step with a clock, here is where my question appears, I need to control the speed of the motor, so I need to send a clock signal that is going to be related to the speed that I want for the motor, but at the same time I need to read a 4x4 keypad to input the speed that I want for the motor, so a clock using just delay function doesnt seem to fit my needs, because I have to check the keypad to change the speed of the motor or to stop the motor. The period of the clock that I need is between 200us to 5 sec, any idea about how to do it? Can I program a PWM that works in "background mode"? there is enough time in 200us to check the keypad and make a desicion about the speed of the motor?

I appreciate any comments or suggestions


sounds like you'd need some sort of clock code based on the millis function. seems somewhat similar to what you are trying to do.

Hi weirdo557, I took a look of the example, it could work, the problem is that I need a very precise control of the time, so maybe doing the timing with an interruption will be better, i was reading the libraries, and it seems that the library Mstimer2 do what I need.