Stepper, Driver and Power supply

Hi, I'm interested in building a small conveyor, and for that purpose I bought the following items:

  • 4A TB6600 Single Axis Stepper Motor Driver Controlle
  • NEMA 17HS19-2004S1 2.8V 2A 59Ncm(
  • 12V 8A Power Supply

Originally I thought that I bought a 12v Nema, and this is why I bought a 12v power supply, and based on the following post I bought the driver. Yeah, mistake after mistake after... that what happens when you buy stuff without a research and a sleepless night.

Anyway, my question is based on the parts list above, which one should I replace in order to make the components "play" together? My first thought was to replace the Steppers, but it will cost much more then I planed on spending and anyway I will need to buy other components to make them work. In case and it helps, I have several buck converters DC-DC 3A and A4988 stepper Drivers.

Please advise, Thanks!

I don’t think you need to change anything - assuming the stepper driver can work with a 12v supply - some of them have a minimum of 18v.

The nominal voltage of the motor (2.8v) is essentially irrelevant. Stepper motors work better with high voltages. Just set the current limit on your stepper driver to 2A or a bit less to protect the motor.

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