Stepper Driver dir / step control using Arduino?

Hey everyone,
I am a complete newbie to both microcontrolers and electronics in general, so appoligies for this really basic question.

For a little project of mine I want to use an Arduino to control these stepper drivers that I have. To control step and direction they require a +5v input. I was just wondering if it was was just a case of hooking the a digital output from the Ardunio to the +5v input on the driver and from the ground on the driver to the ground on the Ardunio, or do I have to bring in the 5v supply, as well as the digital out from the Ardunio somehow?

I hope thats clear what I am trying to ask.

Thanks to anyone who helps,

Without knowing the details of your stepper driveres and motors it's a little hard to give good advice.

But you should probably do something like this:

you should NOT try to power the steppers from Arduinos supply. The Arduino board can not supply the amount of current the motors need, and will probably go up in smoke if you try. You need a seperate power supply for the motors.

-hook the supply voltage for the motors up to the drivers
-connect the Arduinos ground to the drivers ground
-connect two digital (output) pins from arduino to the step and direction inputs on the driver.
-check the stepper library thats somewhere on this website.

You would be better of if you have the details of the motors, like supply voltage, current consumption, and steps pr. rotation.
And the same goes for the drivers, especially how much current they can handle? enough for the motors ?

Thanks for the reply. You have misunderstood me, my fault.

If i explain the setup it might become clearer. Basically, I have a power supply that connect to the driver, and the driver has a 5v input for driving steps and direction. The driver powers the motor. What I want to do is to use the Arduino to control the steps / dir of the driver, not directly control the motors. The driver itself handles all the voltage / current to the motors. I suppose what I am asking comes down to this: does the digital out provide 5v or do I have to bring in some sort of transistor and the 5v power line to get a 5v signal?

For your last post I am guessing you do get 5v from the output, but I just want to make doubly sure.

Thanks for replying,

Yes you are right. The digital output pins on the Arduino board puts out 5V when they are HIGH and 0 V when thet are LOW. So they are exactly what you need for the step and direction input on the driver.

Thanks for the info…
My Arduino just arrived in the post today :D. Looking forward to getting it all hooked up.