stepper driver from reprap or pyroelectro


im new in this stepper driver or this electricity world, im a chemical engineering studend, and i have filling in love with some stuff like 3D printer and some like that, and when i see that price really kill me so i decide to DIY, and i have dificult for chosing the right stepper driver for my DIY cnc router.
i have 2 option, pyro stepper driver or reprap stepper driver v1.2 .

the pyro link is here ... ler_board/

and the reprap link is here

and how to wiring pyro to arduino uno, can it handle for 4 stepper motor (4 axis) ?
any sugest? the different in my view is the part, the diode for reprap is really hard to find in my country.
(sorry for my english)


Your pyroelectro link is broken, but if it suggests a driver based on a L29(something) then it should be avoided. Your RepRap link points to an outdated L297-based driver.

For up to 1A (2A peak) then drivers based on the Allegro A4988 are preferred -- and what the RepRap uses now. sells these or you can find dozens of clones on eBay/other sellers. Up to around 5A I'd suggest a driver based on the Toshiba TB6XXXX (e.g. TB6560) chips. Again very common on eBay. Both of these drivers are for bipolar stepper motors (with 4, 6, or 8 wires) and use a two pin interface: one pin controls direction and the other pin triggers a single step at a time.

thx for the reply

here is the link
sorry about that. what i like from pyro design is the simple and the easy part .

yap i know the allegro chip. from reprap stepper driver 2.3 version, but that chip really hard in my country, no one sell it.
i dont have the paypal account so i cant buy from outside, in indonesia if you want to make paypal account you must have credit card (new rule from 2011) and if you want to make credit card , your old must 21 years old more, and my old is 20 :frowning: