stepper driver reprap diode option

hello guys

can someone help me about this (reprap driver 1.2) problem. can i change the original design diode (SB360) with diode (1N5822) why i change? because the SB360 diode is really hard to find.

this SB360 datasheet

and this for 1N5822

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thanks Ali

reprap driver 1.2) problem

What is the application?

for control the stepper motor, and conect 3 of them to arduino for make DIY cnc here is the line of reprap stepper driver 1.2

What will you be using for the motor supply voltage?

SB360 =60 volts 1N5822=40 volts

If the motor voltage is 30 Volts or less I would use it.

yes, the motor about 12 volt,

thanks larry :D