Stepper driver

Put together this schematic. The inputs will be switched by a 3.3v micro. Will it work? Can i make it better? all input is welcome.

Unfortunately 3V3 is not enough voltage to turn on a 2N7000. You need a lower threshold FET.

Also for a stepping motor you normally need a switching regulator to control the current independent of voltage.

Will it work?


Google/youtube/study "fet as source follower", and you will see that your design can't work.

Take the second fet from the left. You have used an n-channel fet there.
If you want to switch the fet fully 'on', then source must be the same as drain.
For that, the gate must at least be 8-10volt 'higher' than source (20-22volt), which is not available.
The gate of the 2N7000 that drives the gate of the switch must at least be 5volt higher than it's own source (25-27volt).
Not possible if you only have 3.3volt available.