Stepper first time with ADA

-FUYU FSL30 Mini Linear Stage Actuator Small Slide Guide Rail CNC Screw Lead Motion Table Motorized Nema 11 Stepper Motor[200mm Stroke] ( Miniature Aluminum Profile Small and Light Linear Rail Guide with Stepper Motor - FUYU Technology Co., Ltd. )
-Adjustable 30V 10A Switching DC Regulated Power Supply

Stepper Motor pulling excessive load (3-4A).

General Setup
2.0 USB powering Arduino board. ADA board with soldered headers stacked on top. ADA VIN power jumper removed and input power attached to variable power supply and set at 13VDC fixed. I have two momentary switches, one to move the motor forward (left) and one to move it backwards (right). They are inputs into pins 2 and 4 respectively. The stepper motor have 4 wires; Black: A+, Green: A-, Red: B+, Blue: B- connected into ADA M3(Green & Black), M4(Blue & Red) with ground terminal open.

I was surprised to not see any voltage info on my stepper motor but this was my logic when planning. The Arduino and ADA boards and stepper to be powered with 12VDC. The stepper motor instructions showed 0.95A Rated current with 1.8deg step angle and 2 phases. I calculated required power= rated current(.95) X 12VDC = 11.4Watts, or about 1A. I believe the ADA board can run 4.5 - 13.5 VDC up 1.2 amps.

Final Thought
I wonder if I need a stepper motor drive board capable of higher voltage (18-24VDC) and that would in turn lower my current. However I could also have issue with connection method or code and wanted to get some peer feedback.

Thanks in advance.

STEPPER_TEST.ino (1.48 KB)

The link to the actuator does not work for me.

If the stepper is a bipolar stepper, better drivers are the A4988 (1A with no heat sink, 1.5A with heat sink and forced air cooling) or the DRV8825 (1.5A with no heat sink, 2A with heat sink and forced air cooling).

Those drivers control the coil current. You must set the coil current limit before use. The Pololu site for each driver describes how to set the coil current for their drivers. The instructions can vary with other makers of driver break out boards. Beware.

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