Stepper Guidance is confusing

The guidance at


steps: the number of steps in one revolution of your motor. If your motor gives the number of degrees per step, divide that number into 360 to get the number of steps (e.g. 360 / 3.6 gives 100 steps). (int)

pin1, pin2: two pins that are attached to the motor (int)

pin3, pin4: optional the last two pins attached to the motor, if it's connected to four pins (int)

I think this is going to confuse people not familiar with steppers as (a) it implies the S+Arduino is connected directly to the stepper and (b) the parameters depend on the number of pins connected to the motor driver NOT the motor.

Hi @stubmandrel. Thanks for taking the time to report this. I agree with you. In order to bring this to the attention of the people at Arduino who can update the documentation, please submit a report via this form: If you prefer to use a public issue tracker, you can report it here: The people in charge of documentation don't monitor that issue tracker, but Arduino's developers may notify them of the issue report.